PREMIUM Orri Mandarins

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2.40€ / Kg


Our fruit at its optimum ripening point and selected exclusively for you.

Directly from our fields to your home.

Shipments in 24 hours to mainland Spain.

Shipments in 48 / 72h to Balearic Islands.



ORRI tangerine is a controlled production variety that is characterized by having fruits of supreme quality, practically without seeds, with a high content of sugars, perfectly compensated by its acids, providing a unique flavor.

It has soft and resistant skin, which gives them an optimal conservation both in the tree and in postharvest. The coloration is intense orange and are easy to peel.

The variety has certification and legal traceability that guarantees the commercialization of this differentiating variety as PREMIUM fruit.

They will be supplied in units of 4 kg per mesh.

We recommend buying Montgo oranges in a box of 10 kg in size, in case the family unit is made up of 2 or 3 people.