Navelinas Oranges

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Exclusive products and fruits from the Marina Alta region of Alicante.

Shipments in 24 h to mainland Spain and 48/72 h to Balearic Islands.




A bit of history and information about the Navelina Orange

Early Navel mutation originating in California. Vigorous tree, without thorns and dark colored foliage. Flowers without pollen.
Like the rest of the navel group varieties, the fruit has a navel.
It is an early variety, with an intense orange color, with high levels of acidity that it maintains until the end of the growing period.
collection and good adherence to the peduncle, although quite sensitive to claret. Presents some alternation in the
harvests. It has a good tolerance to iron chlorosis and root asphyxia.

The tree is medium in size, dense foliage and has a deep green leaf color. This orange comes in the early part of the season. Between October and January.

Its harvesting period begins in October (when the Navelina's ripening point is lowest and its acidity index is highest).

The "Navelina" is well considered to consume as a table fruit. It has a thin skin and is easy to peel.

The Navelina Oranges are large in size and sometimes have a slightly oval appearance.

Navelina Orange Characteristics:

  • Weight g 200 - 220
  • Diameter mm 73 - 78
  • Round shape diameter / height = 0.98
  • Bark mm 3.5 - 4.5
  • Color Intense orange color index = 18
  • % juice 50 - 54
  • Seeds No
  • High fruiting
  • Collection October 20 - January 31


We serve the best first season oranges available online according to the optimum ripening point and harvesting calendar.

We offer competitive market prices with a scaling that will make you choose the amount that best suits your needs and you can obtain advantageous savings on your purchase.

Fresh fruit from the tree, selected, brushed and without post-harvest chemicals.

We supply sizes 0/4 in bulk (from 77 mm in diameter) and in mesh sizes 5/8 (64-77 mm in diameter).

We recommend for better conservation, keep them in a cool place and if possible in the refrigerator.

The fruit is served in a reinforced cardboard box with ventilation.

Due to the nature of the product, the weight of the boxes is always approximate.

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