Navelinas Oranges

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1,19€ / Kg

Exclusive products and fruits from the Marina Alta region of Alicante.

Shipments in 24 hours to mainland Spain.

Shipments in 48 / 72h to Balearic Islands.


The tree is medium-sized, with dense foliage and the intense green color of its leaves. This orange arrives in the first part of the season. Between October and January.

Its harvest period begins in October (the maturation point of the Navelina is then lower and its acidity index is higher).

The "Navelina" is considered a table fruit. It has a thin skin and is easy to peel.

The size of the Navelina oranges is large and sometimes it looks a little oval.

We encourage you to buy and try our Navelina oranges, if you want to ensure a very sweet and juicy orange.

We recommend to buy oranges in a box of 10 kg, in case the family unit is composed of 2 or 3 people.