PREMIUM Nadorcott Mandarins

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Calibres 3/4 (50-58 mm)

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Exclusive products and fruits from the Marina Alta region of Alicante.

Shipments in 24 hours to mainland Spain.

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Nadorcott Mandarin:

This variety is category I and has a good diameter gauge. The Nadorcott mandarin has certification and legal traceability that guarantees the commercialization of this differentiating variety as PREMIUM fruit.

Characteristics of the Nadorcott Mandarin:

The Afourer and Nadorcott varieties peel easily, and do not present seeds when grown isolated from pollinators, although they usually contain. In general terms, these present a good level of juice, with a very pleasant, smooth and sweet flavor, with a well-balanced acidity.

The fruit is almost deep red in color and has a very attractive natural shine.

Where is the Nadorcott mandarin produced?

The production of Nadorcott as a 100% Valencian mandarin leads to a late ripening process. From February it begins to be collected and although the crust loses color due to solar radiation, it maintains its internal characteristics. Its ripening time is in mid-January and it can be well preserved on the tree until April.

We pick the Nadorcott mandarins at their optimum point. The trees of these varieties are vigorous, bushy in shape, and have slender branches. The fruits are flattened in shape, with an intense orange peel, slightly granular and quite thin.

Buy Nadorcott Afourer mandarin online:

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We serve the best mandarins available from the first season according to the optimum point of ripeness and harvesting calendar.

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Fresh fruit from the tree, selected, brushed and without post-harvest chemicals.

We supply 1XX / 2 gauges in bulk (from 58 mm in diameter) and 3/4 gauges (50-58 mm in diameter) in mesh.

We recommend for better conservation, keep them in a cool place and if possible in the refrigerator.

The fruit is served in a reinforced cardboard box with ventilation.

Due to the nature of the product, the weight of the boxes is always approximate.

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