Buddha`s Hand

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It is a citrus fruit related to lemon and has a very peculiar shape. The hand of Buddha is fragmented in the form of fingers. It contains little juice and little pulp.

Its barks gives off a fresh aroma and intense fragrance.

It is used in the kitchen to make jams, sweets, liqueurs and to accompany drinks such as gyn tonic.

Our fruit at its optimum ripening point and selected exclusively for you.

Directly from our fields to your home.

Shipments in 24 hours to mainland Spain.

Shipments in 48 / 72h to Balearic Islands.


Se trata de un cítrico emparentado con el limón y tiene una forma muy peculiar. La mano de buda está fragmentada en forma de dedos. Contiene poco jugo y poca pulpa.

Su corteza desprende un aroma fresco y fragancia intensa.

Se utiliza en la cocina para realizar mermeladas, dulces, licores y para acompañar bebidas como el gyn tonic.