We are a family with more than 50 years of experience in the production of citrus fruits. We grow exotics citrus exóticos, oranges, lemonsand mandarins of our own, making direct selling of our exclusive products.

Our purpose is to offer fresh, local and nutritious products with no chemical treatments of later harvest that can artificially increase their life cycle.  We collect the fruits at their optimum ripeness point and deliver them to you within 24 hours.

The Montgó Massif and the Mediterranean Sea give the trademark COLOR NARANJA the hallmark of supreme quality, due to its particular and irreproducible edafoclimatic characteristics.

COLOR NARANJA preserves the landscape of the MONTGO MASSIF NATURAL PARK and its area of influence, contributing to the establishment of the rural family population.

The symbolic enclave and our familiar agricultural knowledge contribute to give a delicious and unique flavor to our citrus fruits.

COLOR NARANJA: Our specialty, PREMIUM VARIETIES of mandarins.

We produce three varieties of clementines recognized worldwide by consumers as ORRI, TANG GOLD and NADARCOTT, the varieties of controlled production and synonymous with guaranteed quality.

In COLOR NARANJA, we also have other native products of the region of the Marina Alta made by hand. Products with a differentiated flavor, Mediterranean and homemade. A real pleasure for the palate.