What is your choice?

Picture ¿Cúal es su elección?

Why generate an increase in environmental waste unnecessarily?

Why do we choose our purchase for the eyes?

At Color Naranja, we opted to polish the fruit in a totally artisan way, without any chemicals, thereby saving for the process in the following items.

  • Light
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Fuel

The benefit is energy savings and the absence of artificial waxes that make the fruit obtain a plasticized appearance.

We also choose not to use chemicals that extend the useful life of the fruit.

Many companies, due to their business volumes, cannot work with freshly harvested fruit, so they store the fruit in cold rooms for weeks or months and supply it little by little as their customers demand.

We work to supply our fruit every day.

At COLOR NARANJA, we do not generate an additional environmental cost.

Why use excess plastic unnecessarily?

What is the point of wallpapering the fruit? That the content is not seen?

In COLOR NARANJA, we are transparent and we prefer to show what we sell.

What is your choice? You decide.

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