**Frutas feas**

The #uglyfruit revolution: The new trend.

Little by little, producers and consumers become aware of the movements that arise to end this nonsense. We use terms like "sloppy" or "imperfect" fruit. For example, € 136.53 billion of products are wasted each year in the United States. To counteract this situation, it has become fashionable to receive boxes of ugly fruit at home for 40% less than what it would cost in a store.

The new trend has reached Europe. Millennials join this initiative to curb the waste of fruits and vegetables with all their organoleptic qualities but which are not attractive to the eye and have even created Instagram accounts with this type of products. Some fruit photos produce more than one smile. Consumers are beginning to take into account sustainable, environmentally-friendly and quality food.

"Beauty is on the inside" and that can also be applied to deformed fruits.

Ugly fruit

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