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Exclusive products and fruits from the Marina Alta region of Alicante.

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The Salustiana variety belongs to the family of White oranges and arises in the Valencia Community by mutation. This variety has great flavor and juiciness. We could say that it is the star variety to make orange juice. It is a round and slightly flattened orange, with a thin skin and extremely juicy and sweet segments. Furthermore, this orange has a long shelf life once harvested. The color of this variety is soft both on the skin and in the pulp.

Despite being recommended for juice, consuming it whole is fantastic as it contains a lot of fiber.

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  • Harvesting period: Between December and March
  • Medium size fruit
  • Average weight: Between 150-180 grs
  • Diameters approx. Between 64-70 mm
  • Very sweet and juicy taste
  • High fiber content
  • High juice content: Between 50-55%
  • Low or zero seeds