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Exclusive products and fruits from the Marina Alta region of Alicante.

Shipments in 24 h to mainland Spain and 48/72 h to Balearic Islands.




In Color Naranja you can buy lemons online. We have seasonal lemons: lemons with all vitamins, flavored lemons, fresh and 100% natural lemons.
What kind of Lemons can you buy online in Orange Color?
Here you can buy category "I" lemons and they can vary the size with a minimum of 60 mm.
Our lemons have a lot of juice. Each lemon can contain seeds and its skin is smooth and yellow.
You can buy lemons in bulk for consumption at home. In this way, you will always consume them fresh.
You can buy them in a box of lemons conditioned for the shipment of fruits. We recommend the box of lemons for fresh consumption.

Where do we produce natural lemons?

Color Naranja is a citrus production company in Valencia and Alicante. The fresh lemons that we offer are our own production, grown in a traditional way.
Our seasonal lemons are collected from the tree to take them to your home as soon as you buy lemons online, without spending long periods in cold rooms, so they are natural lemons with a large amount of juice and an unbeatable flavor. We only sell fresh lemons, so it has a great natural flavor and an exquisite juice.

Properties or Benefits of buying lemons

Lemons are very rich in Vitamin C and also eliminate toxins from our body. It also has the ability to dissolve fats and is rich in fiber
In addition, lemons contain flavonoids, which protects this vitamin and prevents it from rapidly degrading.
Eating lemons helps to have a healthier physical appearance due to the benefits of lemon for the skin, nails and hair.
Lemons are one of the essential ingredients in any kitchen for the preparation of many dishes and drinks. Enjoy at home throughout the year the citrus flavor of fresh lemon and the many benefits it brings to your family.
Learn more about the history of lemon
Lemons are the third most important citrus fruit, behind oranges and mandarins, with Spain being the leading producer of lemons worldwide.

This citrus fruit has been cultivated in the Levantine area of ​​the Valencian and Murcian Community since the 15th century.

 Service information:

Buy the best lemons available online based on optimum ripeness and harvest schedule.

We have the Fino 95 variety.

We offer competitive market prices with a scaling that will make you choose the amount that best suits your needs and you can obtain advantageous savings on your purchase.

Fresh fruit from the tree, selected, brushed and without post-harvest chemicals.

We supply sizes 1/3 in bulk (from 63 mm in diameter) and in mesh sizes 4/5 (53-63 mm in diameter).

We recommend for better conservation, keep them in a cool place and if possible in the refrigerator.

The fruit is served in a reinforced cardboard box with ventilation.

Due to the nature of the product, the weight of the boxes is always approximate.

For any clarification, you can contact us through our customer service telephone number 600 524 038 or our email