The ugly fruit waste

Picture El desperdicio de la fruta fea

Large stores know it. Market studies have revealed that customers tend to buy fruits by looking more with their eyes than with their brains and that is why they place the most perfect fruits on their shelves. Pretty foods sell better. The rest are discarded thanks to the overabundance.

A very high percentage of waste is produced in the post-harvest and processing stages, which is where fruits that do not comply with the aesthetic canons required by the regulations and requested by the consumer are rejected.

In the case of fruits, they are discarded due to low brightness, stains, deformities, or sizes frequently found in the shopping bag. It is a psychological issue, since science shows that they maintain their properties, nutrients, and flavor, but this is the case with the less beautiful members of this family of foods. This causes unnecessary food waste in more developed countries.

At Color Naranja, we do not despise those fruits that, due to their size or appearance, do not support a certain type of market and we facilitate eating well at a better price.

Quality is on the inside.

La única diferencia está en lo que vas a pagar por esta fruta.

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